Your Tarot Life - What It Offers

Don’t let a small setback take you off your journey to success. Let Tarot Life be the answer to your doubts about love, career and finance.


Insightful Guidance


Readings On Every Aspect


All Tarot Cards Explained

Your Tarot Life - A Glimpse

Gain a better understanding of what this app brings for you and how it can help you live a more enriching life.

Take Right Decisions With Your Tarot Life

Your Tarot Life offers powerful 1-card readings that enable you to take better decisions at every point in your life.

3-Card Spreads For Every Life Aspect

Your Tarot Life provides you with different types of readings that touch each and every aspect of your life

  • 3-Card Love Reading

    Know about the past, present and the future of your love life with this 3-Card Love Tarot Reading.

  • Situation-Action-Outcome

    Unique 3-Card Spread that tells you about the present situation, the necessary actions and the final outcome of the same.

  • What I Think-Feel-Do

    A one of a kind 3-card reading that throws light on your thoughts, feelings and your actions.

  • You-Your Path-Your Potential

    Know yourself better with this 3-card spread that reveals your true personality, your innate potential and your ultimate life path.

  • Past Reading

    Step into your past life and discover the challenges you faced, the lessons you learnt and how your past has affected your present life.

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